Dating and psychology in times of online romances

psychology of dating

Psychology of online dating and why people enjoy it so much

In 2020, it has become rather difficult to imagine our lives without online matchmaking services. We all heard stories of our friends finding their true love through one of the online dating applications. No wonder it has gained such popularity among users across the world. Finding your soulmate online provides numerous benefits in terms of the number of potential options, their location, etc. You can even find your potential lover according to the qualities of your choice. Isn’t it fantastic?

People choose Internet dating solutions not purely because they give better options, and psychologists state that there is more to these services than just that. Of course, we, as human beings, enjoy being entertained, and the fact that we can spend hours swiping potential suitors excites us and turns out to be a great way to spend a chilled Thursday night. 

But other than that, we get a little nervous before meeting someone, and, online dating, in this sense, gives us a chance to evaluate a new acquaintance before actually arranging a face-to-face communication with them. The services typically require users to provide a brief bio and state their personality traits, which makes the process of getting to know each other easier. 

Additionally, you decide how long you wish to chat with a person before actually setting up the first date. This option really helps put away worries and hesitation, as you can see the other individual when you actually feel sure about the choice.

Online dating helps to satisfy your emotional needs

dating psychology

People tend to be more discrete and open up to a new person a lot easier on the Internet than in real life. Sitting next to a stranger in a restaurant is a lot more nerve-racking case as opposed to relaxing on your couch with a glass of wine and texting. This is because of the anonymity that internet dating gives to its users. When communicating through your mobile device, you don’t actually see the person; hence, you have a little time to come up with a funny and witty answer that just represents who you really are.

The research on online dating psychology shows that it is less stressful for users to express their true self through the Internet, as they don’t get distrusted by anxiety and the outside world whilst sending a text message. Whereas, verbal communication puts a lot of pressure on both interlocutors. People get caught up in their emotions and feelings and in turn tend to adapt to their communicator for a smoother conversation rather than showing their hidden identity.         It has also been discovered that relationships where both partners revealed their true selves tend to be more pleasurable. Here is the proof that the psychology behind online dating does not disappoint and prove that it is a fantastic approach to soulmate search!

Psychology of choice in online dating

It turns out that we do not just randomly swipe right and left. Statistics show that there are some paths that users tend to undertake based on their preferences and in general. Let’s review how we make choices according to the research on online dating psychology.

Profile picture

No matter how humble and pure we want to seem, we all choose our partners based on their appearance to some extent. It’s just human nature, and there is nothing we can do about it. Modern research on dating psychology shows that 95% of matchmaking services users will not choose someone who has an unattractive profile picture or no picture at all. 

All of us are looking for an attractive other half. Interestingly enough, men and women have different approaches, according to experts. Men tend to place beauty as their priority. A male user will not invite a female on a date if he believes she is not good enough for him. At the same time, although women do value attractiveness, they also tend to pay attention to other qualities, present in their potential partner.


There is a famous saying that opposites attract. That indeed works in physics, but what about relationships? Psychology of dating research shows that we find people who look similar to us, safer and more secure. Instinctively, we perceive them as no threat because their characters or appearance is just like our own. Based on research, lovers that look alike or even share a similar style of speaking have a greater chance of building a long-lasting relationship.

At the same time, users who choose online dating services to find a quick fiery amour tend to go for potential candidates that are perceived by them as better looking. After all, it is your choice to make what kind of love you want in your life. So, we can conclude that both physics and psychology are correct, and we are all attracted to each other in some way.

Tips on online dating from psychologists

online dating psychology

When it gets to dating, things are always complicated. However, having witnessed millions of happy couples who met each other through online dating services, it has become possible to identify dos and don’ts. We have prepared a list of pieces of advice on the psychology of online dating that has been recognised by specialists around the globe.

Stay honest

As we have already discussed above, staying discrete about yourself with your potential suitor increases chances of your online relationship turning into a real one. Expressing your actual desires, personality traits, and love life expectations will enable you to ensure that the person on the other side of the screen is actually suitable for you. Don’t try to paint a better picture of yourself. At the end of the day, people fall for imperfections. Having a better understanding of who you and your other half are will facilitate a strong long-lasting bond according to online dating psychology.

Stay open-minded

You might not meet your dream boyfriend or girlfriend right away. You might not meet someone who is exactly like you interests-wise or personality-wise. The most important thing here is to remain open-minded because you might not spot that special person who could make your life so much happier just because they are not as much into football as you are. Be approachable and open to suggestions, at the end of the day its personal growth as well!

Put up a good profile picture

Even if you are a world winning beauty contestant, an unsuccessful picture can ruin everything. Make sure to post a photo that accurately shows your physical image. According to statistical data, users that have poor or misleading profile pictures cause less interest among potential lovers. Pictures become even more important in online dating as you have never seen the other person in real life; hence, it is crucial to ensure that they see they have the best impression.

Profile information

One of the common mistakes that users tend to make is their account information. Restrain yourself from writing a long paragraph about your childhood, college friends and your favourite subject. You only have one shot, hence, keep it accurate and straight to the point. Outline a few facts about yourself that you believe describe you in the best way. Perhaps ask your friends and family how they would describe you in one sentence.

Does online dating psychology bring better love life?

psychology of online dating

Overall, relationships, in general, are complicated. We have a little understanding of why some work out and others don’t. When it gets to online dating, the psychology behind it is novel and, hence, it is still challenging for our minds to wrap around it. However, online dating statistics show that 39% of matches result in marriage, which is a good and stable number. It is likely to increase in the future as we adapt to the new approach to soulmate search. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that matches made through Internet dating services have a great chance of being successful.         This blog post should help you gather more information and advice on how to ace your online dating game. But all things considered, relationships should bring excitement into your life. Don’t treat them like a 9 to 5 job. The main goal is to do what makes you happy. Be playful, stay true to yourself and try to take out as much joy from your soulmate search as possible. Remember, happiness is not a destination; it’s about the journey.

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