Top 5 dating sites for a successful experience

top 5 dating sites

If you are reading this, you must be in search of love, life partner, spouse, or just a girlfriend. Although there are hundreds of dating sites all over the internet, you do not know which one to choose and how not to make a mistake. Despite such a variety, picking a good dating service is not easy at all.

Some of them have a bad interface, others don’t have a good range of services while lots of them are too expensive to use. The worst scenario is when you come across a scam site where people simply get into a trap. None of these options is pleasant and no one wants to be a member of such a dating site.

If you want to use a top-notch service that would meet all of your requirements and needs, check the following list of the top 5 best dating sites. See their review and all the features carefully and make your decision. You deserve only the best dating experience.

Top 1. Sofia Date

This site with the beautiful name SofiaDate is the leader of our top  5 dating sites chart. There are many reasons for that. First of all, it meets all the needs of a modern user:

  • It has a great interface;
  • Very convenient registration procedure;
  • A huge variety of services;
  • Wonderful profiles of women;
  • Very affordable prices;
  • Lots of goodies and special offers;
  • Many extra features which are not available on other dating sites.

When using it, you will hardly see any shortcomings. The site is perfect for anyone so to say. First of all, you do not need to waste your time on registration, unlike on many other sites. Everything is fast and easy. Use your Google account or just create a profile using your email address. The overall procedure takes not more than 30 seconds and many customers do not have a lot of time on passing a long registration.

The site is designed very well and everything you need is in front of you. You are not distracted by some annoying ads or unnecessary information. Everything is clear and precise. On, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices. They are very affordable.

Moreover, they constantly offer various special offers and discounts. Thus, if you are a new user, you will get up to 35 credits for free. After verifying your email, you will get more. These credits are enough to communicate on a chat or watch videos of women, not to mention messages. The cheapest package of credits costs less than $3 while the most expensive one costs $199. For that amount, you can receive 1000 credits and this is a huge number.

Right in your profile, you can set up a meeting with a lady. If she confirms, the meeting will be arranged with the assistance of the site. All profiles are manually verified. If you need to contact customer support, you can do it right from your profile. By the way, customer support is very helpful and operates 24/7.

Top 2. Generation Love

top 5 online dating sites

This dating site takes second place in our chart of the top 5 online dating sites. You won’t be able to use it for free, unfortunately, it is a paid service. The head office of that company is based in Germany and the site is oriented for European men mostly. However, if you are an American, you won’t have any trouble using Generation love.

The site is quite trusted and rated positively by many users. They do not have their database of women, all ladies registered on the site are submitted by partners all over the world. However, you should not be concerned about this. The representatives of the site travel across the world and interview all their partners in person. Only after such thorough verification, they accept them as partner agencies.

The site has a lot of good features, very convenient message exchange and chat. You will not be able to have a webcam chat here as you have used to have on other services. The prices are also quite affordable. They do not charge extraordinary fees, everything is very reasonable.

On that dating site, you will meet many women from different countries, but most of them are Slavic girls looking for western husbands. The profiles are verified, women must provide their documents to prove their identity, so the scam is excluded.

Top 3. Best-matchmaking

top 5 best dating sites

This dating site can be called one of the top 5 free dating sites although it is not free of charge.  However, it is not a pay-per-letter service. On the website, they have only one membership plan that costs €199. Yes, all the prices are in Euro. The site is registered in the USA, though. What does that membership plan include? You can send and read unlimited messages within one month. It also includes 3 Skype calls 30 minutes each. It is necessary to use them all within a month, otherwise, they will expire.

Unlimited messages and Skype calls are not bad although the price is not the lowest in the market. This service also offers matchmaking, however, you should inquire about it personally with the owner of the site. Customer support is very helpful. It doesn’t operate 24/7 though so keep that in mind when leaving your messages. Their operating hours are 12-8 pm Kiev time.

All the ladies are interviewed and manually verified. You can meet women from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus on that site. The registration process isn’t that easy though, you will need to fill in some information about yourself and post a picture.

Keep in mind that they do not accept customers from all countries. The list of the forbidden ones is posted on the site and they don’t accept customers from India, Pakistan, and some other countries.

Top 4. For Him Dating

top 5 best free dating sites

This is another combined dating site. Why combined? Because it provides both online dating and matchmaking services. The site is owned by an American man married to a Ukrainian woman. After his successful marriage, he created his dating site to help western guys meet Ukrainian women.

The prices are listed on the site and they are not very low. However, it is natural while they don’t provide a pay-per-letter system or webcam chats. They offer Skype or zoom conferences, tailored services, and various help in selecting your matches.

You can also purchase the contact information of a woman if she agrees. The price for that service is also listed on the site. The ladies are also manually verified and all of them are scanned carefully. You don’t have to be afraid of scammers there.

On YouTube, there are lots of helpful videos from the owner as well as many testimonials of happy customers. Many foreign men trust this dating service and keep listening to his advice. Of course, the owner married a Ukrainian woman and can be an example for many.

The site also offers group tours, arranges the meetings, and takes care of your trip to Ukraine.

Top 5. Elena’s models

top 5 online dating sites for free

This is one the top 5 dating sites that offers top-quality services to customers worldwide. The site is very appealing and must be well-known to you. The good thing is here, you can find profiles of women from various countries of the world. Of course, the majority of ladies are Slavic, but there are lots of women from Europe and even the United States on that site. You will also be pleasantly surprised by their prices. They are not high, and any western man can afford to use their services.

The owner of the site is Elena Petrova who is a dating coach providing some good help to western men. The registration on the site is absolutely free. You won’t waste a lot of time subscribing to it.

The profiles of women are not model-like regardless of the title of that agency. The prices are transparent and you can see them on the site. There are three packages — Gold, Platinum, and Ultimate. The cheapest starts at nearly $20 per month while the most expensive starts at nearly $100 per month.

Depending on your needs, you should choose a package that suits them. There are ladies of different ages, social groups, and appearances. Some of the profiles are quite simple, and it is clear that women are not there for the money but marriage.

Elena’s models have a thorough verification of their customers. You should not meet any scammers on this website because all the ladies are genuine and checked well.

Top  5 best free dating sites to use

Apart from these top 5 dating sites that are not free but require purchasing a membership plan, you can also use free dating sites from the list below. Keep in mind that they are called free because everyone used to call them free. However, they also require some nominal subscription and you will have to get it if you want to receive a dating service of good quality.

1. Tinder

free dating sites

You know that free dating site very well and it only gains its popularity with years. This is not a dating site but a dating app you can download from Android or iOS. There are lots of free features in it but to enjoy the process to the fullest, it is better to get a subscription that will not cost much, just around $30 per month. The price varies depending on whether you purchase it for three months, six months, or a year. Keep in mind there are lots of ghost profiles so make sure you don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t exist.

2. Hinge

american dating sites

Hinge is another relatively free or low-cost dating app that allows finding matches according to your criteria. Just like Tinder, it doesn’t require a registration fee and you can enjoy it without purchasing anything. However, to have a more or less serious search, it will be necessary to get a subscription.

3. Mamba

free dating sites

This website is well-known to people looking for Russian or Ukrainian girlfriends. It is a sort of social media that unites people from all over the world. No matter where you come from, you are free to create your profile and start communicating with girls online. The cost of the membership on that site is quite low and you can even not pay at all but still enjoy communication.

4. Badoo

top online dating sites

This is one of the most popular social media networks that are relatively free and allows people from all countries of the world to create profiles and look for their matches. Some couples have met thanks to it and it means, even such a simple dating site that doesn’t require strict verification can work and unite people, even if they live in different countries.

5. Plenty of Fish

top free online dating sites

This name could be well-known to you already. They do offer a dating app for everyone. However, on this platform, you will hardly meet Slavic girls, it works the best for English-speaking users living in the USA or Europe.

It also gives lots of features and opportunities. The price is from zero to some very low one. It won’t take much to try how these free dating apps work.

These were the top 5 online dating sites and top 5 free dating sites. It is up to you which one to choose. If you are a fan of mobile apps, using the ones that provide such an option could be convenient for you.  Pick the services that meet your needs first of all.

Keep in mind that some free dating apps cost as much as paid dating sites per month but do not guarantee the same security and success. Thus, if you are looking for a successful dating experience, it could be reasonable for you to pay a couple of dollars more and get the best of it than pay a bit less for a dating app that doesn’t verify users thoroughly.

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