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serious dating sites

Modern dating services receive a lot of backlash for promoting the culture of one-night stands and casual hook-ups. Many users complained about having negative experiences when trying to meet someone to build a more significant relationship than just friends with benefits. Internet communications often give a feeling of anonymity, which facilitates careless attitude and causal link-up between mates. 

It definitely works for people that are just looking for someone to have fun with on weekends and do not think about a committed relationship. But what about singletons that feel lonely and want to find a good, trustworthy long-term companion? Being tired of continuous ghosting and heart-breaking split-ups from booty calling buddies once their mate is done playing relationship games, these lonely souls turn to dating sites for serious relationships.

Luckily, there are online matchmaking services that have found a weak spot in regular dating apps and introduced services that cater to the needs of people looking for serious relationships. These serious dating sites filter out their audiences to ensure that only users with serious intentions have a chance of gaining access. This is a fantastic solution that makes you forget about the constant fear of being left alone the next day after waking up with your Tinder date.

Can I meet my life partner with serious dating sites?

best dating site for serious relationships

Although there has been some negativity about the effectiveness of popular online dating services, websites that are aimed at users seeking a serious relationship have proven to be a very solid and beneficial option. Of course, online and offline relationships are very different. 

The traditional notion of meeting a potential suitor has remained unchanged for centuries. When you meet someone in real life, it usually takes a relatively long time to get to know each other. Often, it can result in complete disappointment once you realise that the person you have been going out on dates is not quite as you imagined. Then comes the regret about wasted time. 

Meanwhile online dating gives you a chance to have a pool of candidates to choose from. It implies that if one match does not work out, you can start talking to a new prospective crush right after. You also get a chance to have a glimpse of their personality as these services require all users to fill out a questionnaire. It really places dating experience on a whole new level. 

Imagine asking a stranger you met at a bar last weekend to pull up to the date with a short PowerPoint presentation in real life? Sounds absolutely crazy to us. But when this step has already been carried out by a dating app, you really can focus on an interesting conversation with your match rather than convulsively trying to figure out their personality traits.

Get married faster

There has been a lot of optimistic research data on dating sites for serious relationships, and reviews are pretty promising as well! It turns out that couples that met with the help of dating applications usually get married faster than the ones that met each other offline. It comes as no surprise as users of serious dating websites are already prepared to tie the knot. 

If you are done with unsuccessful relationships and spending Valentine’s Day alone, getting subscribed to one of these matchmaking services will make you find your lifelong love partner in just a few swipes. Sounds exciting? Hold up… we have even more great news!

Find a compatible suitor

Recent research suggests that partners who have met online tend to be more compatible and, therefore, build long sustainable relationships. The question arises — how come? The answer is simple. Best dating sites for serious relationships use unique algorithms that only suggest candidates that have the highest percentage of compatibility. The concept of attraction of opposites works in physics, but when it comes to relationships, the picture is quite different. 

In general, healthy marriages happen between consonant people. You just have to have something in common in order to make a relationship work. This is why every user is obliged to provide information about their personality, background, family plans and values. By doing this, the platforms guarantee that you will meet your soulmate, who would want to spend time together in the ways that both of you enjoy and start a family that both of you have dreamt of for decades.

Why people turn to serious relationship dating services

dating sites for serious relationships

One of the biggest challenges that you get faced with when using a dating service application is identifying what the person on the other side of the app is actually looking for. Most users feel unsure about their matches. Are they genuinely interested in me? Do they want a long-term relationship or just a regular hook-up? How can I find out what a potential candidate wants if asking directly might scare them away? These are the questions that often arise for most of the dating app users. You want a long-term relationship and do not want to be catfished. That’s understandable. 

Stating that you are looking for marriage in your bio is risky. You do not want to put off potential candidates by being too candid. At the same time, you want to avoid wasting your time on another frivolous communication and ensure the intentions of another person are pure. This is precisely the reason why people ready to settle down switch to dating sites for serious relationships. 

People who are playing around just would not sign up to these services, unless they are some kind of weirdos. The service that specifically focuses on relationships and matches that could potentially turn into marriage is the solution.

Tips on ensuring a serious relationship with dating apps

When communicating with a person online, as well as offline, nobody can give you a guarantee that similar interests and hobbies will lead a couple to a more solid partnership or even a marriage. There are a couple of things one can do to make sure their experience with a particular suitor isn’t the waste of time.

Give them a hint about your intentions

Generally, keep your potential partners informed about your intentions. At the end of the day, both of you want to be on the same page with each other. Telling a stranger that you just got connected to on a dating app that you want to get married right away might be a little creepy. 

However, there are some ways you can let them know. For instance, you could add a little sentence in your profile bio about your future plans. Avoid putting something intense like «Seeking marriage» as it might be perceived as a little desperate. Instead, you could mention something more moderate such as «Interested in a committed relationship». The last example precisely translates your intentions without sounding too clingy.

Pay attention to their profile picture

dating sites for serious relationship

None of us wants to be misled, so avoid profiles that give you mixed signals. Sexual photographs that depict naked bodies are definitely a sign that the person is not looking for something serious. Even if their bio states «Wifey material», it is very likely that they are trying to catfish you.

Additionally, pay attention to the context of their pictures. If your match has all of their pictures taken at night clubs and they seem to be looking a little tipsy on these photographs, it is a clear sign that they are using the dating app just for fun. 

So, the key here is to use pictures that show your true self. Post a picture with your cute puppy if you want to show that you are a dog-lover. Or a photo from the golf course if you love playing golf. That will definitely attract the interests of marriage material candidates.

Watch the conversation

Another important aspect that needs to be taken into account is how the conversation is going between you and your future lover. Always notice what time of the day they are texting you. Are they talking to you just because they are bored in the evening or the conversation is flowing through the whole day? 

If they reply to you consistently and remain interested all the time, it is more than likely that they are expressing their genuine interest in you. If they are only texting you late at night, there is a high chance that sometime soon you will receive a booty call from them.

The Bottom Line

In 2020, the online dating market is very saturated, which gives a lot of opportunities to find your soulmate. But for people who are ready to settle down, it is better to use apps specifically designed for serious relationships only. Always read reviews before signing up to any service, this way you can spot the best dating site for serious relationships that will suit your personal needs.

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