Is relationship advice necessary?

relationship advice

No matter how old and smart you are, there might be some spheres where you are not skilled enough. For instance, relationships might be such a sphere. Sometimes, relationship advice is important both for women and men, therefore, feel free to use the service of a professional matchmaker. However, if you have no money or time for their long-distance relationship advice, you would better read this article. 

Online relationship pieces of advice:

Advice 1. Never have sex on the first date.

Perhaps, it is the best relationship advice for all men. No matter how beautiful she is and how much chemistry you have with each other, you would rather be patient and wait till you both are ready. Ideally, you should wait until both of you put a ring on your fingers. You should behave like a man who is looking not only for sex but for healthy and stable relationships with her or else she would consider you to be just a pick-upper. Thus, avoid explicit topics or hints and never send your online crush explicit pics or ask her to send them to you. 

Advice 2. Listen.

All women without any exception would appreciate this free relationship advice. If you manage to control your tongue and avoid verbal diarrhea, you will look like a smart and caring man in her eyes. The ability to listen to the things a woman says might be your best advantage if she compares you to other men, especially, to her ex. Listen and respect her words as much as you can; however, if she talks more than you can bear, you would better find another more silent lady.

Advice 3. Be decisive.

relationship advice for women

This is one of the most important first relationship pieces of advice for you to consider. All women like it when a man is in control of the situation and takes responsibility for your relationships. She will treat you like a man if you are a decisive person and leader two in one. It might be difficult to be such a person if your father or friends have not set you an example, but you might always learn from other people, even your enemies, of how to behave correctly with a woman you like.

Advice 4. Protect her.

One of the newest relationship pieces of advice is to be able to protect your charming lady. She might be even a criminal but if you love her, you should protect her and prevent her from all evil. In other words, your attitude towards her must be different if compared to other people. She must feel protected in your company, so never let her down, whatever other people might say about her to win her heart.

Advice 5. Pay compliments.

One of the most important relationship tips and pieces of advice is to pay compliments. The girl might have the lowest self-esteem but if she is with you, you will have to boost her confidence as much as you can. It means that you have to highlight every five minutes the fact that she is beautiful and looks good for her to feel like a woman. Women love with their ears, so keep it in mind when you date her.

Advice 6. Give her a present.

You should never come to date without a gift. Even if you date online, you should consider this relationship advice when having a live chat with her. At least, you can buy a digital gift and send it to her. Every girl likes attention, and for most women, a present is a sign of such attention and a fact that you were thinking about her for a while when you were not together.

Advice 7. Be patient.

Being patient is such a great trait of character. If a girl notices that you are patient, you will be the happiest person in the world. Especially, you should show that you are patient when you go shopping together. No way should you say that the dress she chooses makes her look fat, even if it does. Mind the balance and say wise things to her when she is shopping online with you.

Advice 8. Go deeply into details.

When you date a girl, you would better show interest in the very tiny things about her. Ask her about specific details concerning her experiences and life for her to see that you do care about her and are attentive to all the things she says. Most women understand that men tend not to listen to them completely, but it will be a big plus for you if you ruin this stereotype for her. 

Advice 9. Respect her.

Before you marry her, you should not decide for her what she must do and what she does not have to do. Let her make decisions by herself. She is a whole person with her own interests, hobbies, work, and habits. Do not try to change her and adjust her to you, even if you hate the fact she dances very well and you are jealous of her. The more you respect her, the higher your chances to be with her.

Advice 10. Introduce her to your friends.

long distance relationship advice

She must feel like she is a part of your life. You would better present her to your friends whom you might have known for all your life. Ask them about the way they feel about her and whether they like her. In some cases, your friends might be jealous of you and try to say that she is not for you. Spend some time with her and them to find out who is right and the opinion of whom is wrong. 

Advice 11. Make her laugh.

If you have a similar sense of humor, you will be the happiest couple in the world. If possible, make her laugh as often as you can but do not transform into a clown because she will not treat you like a guy. Just a few jokes per date would be enough to find a way to her heart. She must go back home in high spirits, and it is you who are responsible for her mood state.

Advice 12. Treat her like a queen.

Every girl wants to be the one and only for you. Treat her like a precious diamond that you have never met in your life earlier. Make her feel special and like the greatest treasure for you. Show your attention to her, hold her hand when she steps out of a car, and so on. 

Advice 13. Be sincere.

You should be honest and sincere with her. Do not tell lies and say untrue things. For instance, you should not say that you are very rich if you are not. A normal girl will not love you just because you have a lot of money. If you want to impress her, show her a little sign of attention like sweet nothings.

Advice 14. Surprise her.

It is essential to be spontaneous from time to time. Make the little things that she does not expect from you. For instance, you might invite her for a date under the stars. However, do not overdo in order not to shock her if she is very sensitive and gentle. 

Advice 15. Inform her about your decisions.

Surprises are great, but sometimes it would be better not to leave your partner in the dark. If you decide to travel to another country with her, make sure your plans match. You should ask her opinion and not decide everything by yourself. Respect her and she will respect you back.

Advice 16. Do not take her for granted.

Do not think that she will be always there with you and will not leave you. Even if she is your wife, she might be tired of such an attitude. Always ask her for her opinion and treat her with respect and patience. She must feel that you appreciate her point of view about anything you discuss with her.

Advice 17. Make sure she is not mad at you when she goes to sleep.

Even if you quarrel with her, never let her sleep being mad at you. You should be a man and offer her to find a compromise first if you want to be a leader in your relationships and do not lose her. If she goes sleeping mad, her morning will be unresolved and terrible. Do you really want her to be so unhappy?

Advice 18. Do not reply to her back when she says something bad to you.

Ideally, you should not respond to her when she nags. You should be more patient as long as you are a man. Never say bad stuff to her when she leaves negative comments about you. Try to keep your love and relationships and wait till she cools down.   

Can I find my love online?

online relationship advice

If you apply enough efforts you will find your beloved one for sure. You should register online and begin scanning various profiles every evening, day, afternoon, or whenever you have free time. Make sure you do it regularly not to miss a chance to get acquainted with a charming lady of your dreams. Once you find her, you should surround her with your attention. Invite her for an online date on a dating website. Ask her unique questions to make her feel like a star but do not turn your conversation into a job interview. As you have a few successful dates with her online, feel free to invite her to a traditional date to check out the chemistry level between you. This is your time to make the final decision about her. 

Are there many stunning girls on dating sites?

You might be shocked by the fact that not only stunning girls use dating sites but also very intelligent. Dating online is becoming a more and more widely used method to find your love efficiently and fast. If you are looking for your ideal partner overseas, you might also find her on the dating site because there are no limits. The more time you spend messaging girls, the faster you will find the one. 

Bottom Line

If you are tired of being alone and want to find your ideal partner, everything is possible for you provided that you believe and do some work. Registration on such websites is very simple. You will only need to fill out a few sections and fields in the profile. Once you have done it, you might feel free to message any girl you like and choose. Do not hesitate to write messages to very beautiful girls because they might be alone too and like to be with you. Moreover, nobody will judge you for that. The more messages you write, the better the results will be.

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