What is live dating?

live dating

There are many live dating sites offering their service, but what is the definition of dating live? Live dating is a type of dating where people date face to face, either online or in person. You may try live dating if you want to get to know another person better and their reactions to you on the spot. It is very beneficial to use a live dating site, but you would better follow some tips on how to do it correctly.

Tips on how to use a live dating site for free:

Tip 1. Have at least five conversations in message form.

Now live dating is getting more and more popular. However, we strongly recommend it only when you have had a few sessions of messaging each other. For instance, you would better write five messages to her and receive five answers. Only then it is the right time to try live chat dating.

Tip 2. Read her profile carefully.

Before you have free live dating with her, re-read what she has mentioned in her profile. If you do not want to date a crazy girl, you would rather check it in advance, no matter how beautiful she is. For instance, you might find out that she is illogical when she shares some information about her in the About me section. 

Tip 3. Google her.

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You might think that it is weird to google a person online, but this is the best way to protect you from scammers. Find the person in Google, check the place where she works comparing it with the things she says. Make sure she is not a liar. The more information you find about her on Google, the better it is for your future relationships. 

Tip 4. Come to a live local date prepared.

If you want to be a leader in your relationships with her, you would better prepare a list of questions you want to ask her on a date in advance. It might be from 5 to 10 questions, but not more. Ask her about her hobbies, interests, favorite flowers, music bands, and so on. Make sure the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable on the date.

Tip 5. Do not give her money.

Some females want just to take advantage of you using their beauty on the date. They pretend to be poor and miserable and ask you to donate some money to her. You should never continue a relationship with such a girl, even if she is the beauty queen. Figure out her motives just as soon as you come to a date. Good for you if she is looking for the same things as you do.

Tip 6. Never give her your personal data.

There is a type of scammers who want to trick you and use your naiveness the way they want. Never give her your personal information like your address, phone number, pin code of your bank card, password, and so on. If you do not want to be ripped off one day, you should keep this tip in mind.

Tip 7. Avoid having sex on the first date.

Some ladies act in a different way from the ways mentioned above. Their main target is to seduce you and ask you to give them money. It is possible to compare such girls to prostitutes, to sum up. Never follow her if she invites you to spend a night with her because it is abnormal for every serious relationship with a girl. You should not try to seduce her either during the first date.

Tip 8. Give her sweet presents.

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Small presents are a must on every live date. If you date online, you would better send her a small digital gift which you might buy on a dating site. Once you date in a traditional way, bring her some chocolate and flowers. It would be a sign that you were thinking about her and care. Never come to a date without a sweet gift because all girls like attention.

Tip 9. Listen to her.

She might be either talkative or shy but you should encourage her to open up on the date with you. Ask her interesting questions that she would love to answer. Try to make her feel like a star in the interview but mind the balance. You might give her a little touch to push her to open up her heart and be sincere with you. For some women, a little touch is a sign that you like or even love them.

Tip 10. Be punctual.

There is nothing worse for a woman than to wait until you come to a date. For her, it is a red flag telling that you do not deserve her. Never be late for a date, no matter whether it is an online date or an in-person date. Being punctual proves to her that you respect her and her time, so keep it in mind.

Tip 11. Pay compliments.

Every girl likes kind and sweet words. Always say a few words about the way she looks. Tell her that she is beautiful and good-looking. Make her feel like a princess on a date with you. Be a gentleman and open the door in front of her and help her to put off her jacket if she wants.

Tip 12. Dress to impress.

Just because you are a man, it does not mean that you should not shave and dress nicely. It is a lie that a man must be a little more handsome than a monkey. You should always take care of your appearance. However, too much attention towards you will be extra. You should not sound and look self-centered and egoistic. 

Tip 13. Love her.

If you have just met with her and you do not even know what she likes and what she does not like, try to please her the way you can. For instance, you might help her to carry her heavy bag or let her enter the room first if you come to some building. Just be attentive and take every opportunity to show her that you like her.

Is dating online better than in-person dating?

It is difficult to say that this dating method is better if compared to a traditional date. However, it goes without saying that online dating must be the first step before you start to date in person. For instance, you would better have at least a few sessions of online dates per week and keep on dating this way for a month. If you become best friends with each other for that time, it is a sign for you to start dating in reality. A traditional date is a time to make sure you like each other physically. Feel free to give her a little touch to her hand to check her reaction. If you see that she is relaxed and likes it, feel free to move on with her.

How do I know that a girl likes me?

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There are a few signs that might tell you exactly if she likes you. First of all, her pupils must be dilated when she looks at you because this is a sign of love and adoration. Secondly, her hands, as well as legs, must not be crossed, which means she is open for you. Thirdly, if she does not touch her mouth or nose often, it means that she is telling you the truth. Of course, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so stay away from her if she always looks elsewhere but not at you.    

Are dating sites worth finding my love?

You should try out dating sites at least once in your life. Maybe, it will work for you but if you keep being active, it will work for you, for sure. The more messages you write to charming ladies online, the sooner you will have your wedding. Most ladies prefer their man to write as much as he can because they like compliments and kind words. Be a man and pay compliments to her. Say that she is stunning, for example, but never be mean and scrooge if it comes to saying nice things. 


No matter whether you are planning to date online or in a traditional way, you would better follow the pieces of advice mentioned above. Every date must be unique and stay in your memory for a long time. You should be generous to invest in your relationships with her as much money and attention as you can if you want to have the best results. Try out various forms of live dating. For instance, you might date a few girls at once if only you were able to memorize all the facts about them. Do not hesitate to write a message to a stunning girl you like because she might be lonely and single looking for your love. Have a great date!

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