Is Flirting a Sign of Attraction?


Realizing which behavior signs mean that a person is attracted to you can be a nail biter. It may be difficult for people to read between the lines, so misinterpretations are common. A cute laugh doesn’t necessarily mean that the girl you are communicating with is absolutely in love with you. What are the straightforward flirting signs? Let’s find it out.

Flirting Tips for Girls and Boys

A wide variety of books has been already written, and a lot of them tend to reveal the mystery of how to communicate with an opposite sex in a correct and understandable way. Don’t miss the following subtle clues that your partner isn’t going to include you in the list of friend-zone interlocutors:

  • Eye contact — the eyes are the windows to the soul, and a single gaze can be more meaningful than hundreds of words. Those who prefer online dating services can also use the advantages of this flirting sign during video calls, that’s not a problem. According to research, if you return and hold eye contact, the attraction will deepen. And life experience only proves this result.
  • Focus of attention — if you see that a person is interested in everything about your experience and lifestyle, don’t be afraid to ask new and new questions, while remembering a lot of details you have already discovered, that is a sign that feelings are deeper than you might imagine. Apart from giggling and blushing, that is the right way to show that communication with the partner brings delight and happiness.
  • Body language — for a lot of people, it is natural to keep a particular social distance. It is not that easy and desirable to express yourself in front of people who are strangers for you. Traditionally, if the person wishes to be closer, he or she actually does that. Even during remote video calls, you may notice how far the person is from the screen and whether his/her attention is distracted from you. An open posture is an obvious sign as well.
  • Teasing and joking — the tone of conversation is meaningful. Apart from the physical flirt, such verbal reactions may help you define the partner’s attitude. Moreover, it is not a problem to feel when a person is sincere. Online dating platforms with their portfolios for each user will also help you understand whether a particular match is ready for something serious or just desires to have a pleasant talk with a charming girl or woman.

Recommendations for Chat Room Flirting

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Numerous customers believe that offline dating is more beneficial than its online alternatives. One of the main reasons to say «no» to just chatting is a lack of means to express emotions. Of course, humans perceive the majority of information visually, and a person’s pose, gestures, and the way he or she smiles or laughs can tell you a lot. At the same time, it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of online flirting either.

Text messages can be equally meaningful as a quick gaze at a girl or a woman in front of you. When giving a try to searching for love online, there is one thing to remember — so-called rules of the right communication with the opposite sex are still the same. If you behave too seriously and desire to «jump into» a family-building story from the very beginning, you risk losing various romantic and sincere moments of a rather airy character.

The art of flirting is a prelude to a love affair. Even if it doesn’t lead to a continual liaison, that is a pleasant skill to master to feel more confident and act more naturally.

Think Less

One of the benefits of online dating is the opportunity to choose your own pace. You are not puzzled with planning your in-person hanging out, but inner fights on what to write or what to discuss this time may spoil all the joy from communication. Take it easy — you are not to pass the most important exam of your life.

It is not an obligatory task to be unique and original when opening a chat with a girl you find interesting or pretty. Since people become registered users on online dating platforms with an aim to find perfect matches, the risks your nominee on the role of a future interlocutor will be turned down are significantly reduced.

What is recommended though is to check whether your orthography is correct. When you don’t know the person’s attitude to grammar mistakes (even if their occurrence may take place), it is better to stay on the safe side.

Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

Without a doubt, if it is far from the first message to the person, the length of your text isn’t that important. However, for those who just plan to start communicating with beautiful ladies online, it is necessary to bear in mind one simple truth — you are not the blog author. The desire to share your sincerest feelings is obvious, but don’t forget that the chat is a dialogue, not a monologue.

If customers want their flirting signs to be more accurate and efficient (for instance, they can make an interlocutor smile happily or feel shy), they don’t write a poem. Besides, the use of emojis will make your dialogue less business-like and more private.

Be Confident

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With the help of modern technologies, online dating websites have significantly improved their match-making algorithms, so it is much easier and definitely less stressful to find someone who shares the same views on this life. With a greater pool of candidates for the role of your potential partner, there is no need to worry you will feel lonely on the page.

Of course, nobody promises a user will find his love from the first try. So, ups and downs shouldn’t influence your self-esteem. Change your attitude to this experience. If you write confidently, that is perceived even if the person at the other side of the screen is hundred miles away.

If you find it boring to discuss hobbies, try to speak about funny or embarrassing moments of your life. Ask questions. Check the partner’s sense of humor. Discuss amazing local cultures and traditions with a person that is a resident of another land. There are numerous options, so stay confident and try again, if your first experience has turned out to be an epic failure.

Know Where to Draw the Line

To keep flirting every time you write to your potential soulmate may cause an opposite effect: you may seem the guy who wants just one thing. Your messages can be provocative, but too much of this isn’t good for anyone. Feel the mood. If you see that the partner’s tone is changing the trickier messages you send, it is better to change an approach.

Whether you prefer fast flirting USA traditions or a Russian flirting style (that is more straightforward), don’t allow your communication to consist of such mood texts only.

Don’t Hurry

Be funny and a bit mischievous, give compliments and engage in a dialogue actively, carefully reading your interlocutor’s lines to mention them in future chats — these are obvious flirting signs. To ask too personal questions isn’t the best move if you talk with someone for the first time. Such conversations may take place, but later. At first, your task is to capture your partner’s attention and understand whether serious discussions will be evaluated as expected.                                                                                      

Don’t Be Afraid to Say «Goodbye»

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Make sure that flirting is acceptable and desirable for both parties of the communication act. If you don’t see a corresponding feedback from your match, it is better not to waste time trying to provoke the expected reactions. Flirting is a performance for two, not a mono concert. If there is no chemistry between both, then flirting is likely to be dull and boring.

If you hang out with a person face-to-face, it may be difficult to stop communicating. However, the rules of online dating are not that strict. Since you both know what you want to achieve from relationships, it is easier for partners to decide whether the interlocutor will be ever able to satisfy their objectives.

The Bottom Line

The moral of the story is as follows: when trying your skills in flirting, the main thing is to be attentive to your partner’s reactions. Flirting isn’t about scoring more points. It is a meaningful way to allude that communication with your potential soulmate is full of joy and delight.

Such a behavior is also a good way to reduce the level of pressure when getting to know a foreign personality with unlike views and ideas. It is a universal means to build a bridge between you and your partner.

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