Online dating websites’ success explained

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Stories of couples that met online do not surprise us anymore. It has become so common to meet your other half through the means of the internet and dating websites. Now it’s part of a daily routine for most of our peers to go on dates with people they meet online. Only a couple of years ago, online matchmaking was perceived as something just a desperate person would do.

However, with the internet taking over our lives, online dating has become as natural as checking internet banking. Every day new services emerge making it possible to choose a dating website for almost any taste and purpose. Let’s see how to determine what suits you most and what the best dating website is.

Benefits of online dating

With more and more people switching to online ways of meeting their soulmates, it is worth understanding what advantages dating websites offer for its users and why traditional ways of meeting potential suitors are so outdated. Convenience is one of the first benefits that come to mind.

Meeting people online requires literally no effort and time. You can be swiping a dating app during your lunchtime at work or on your daily gym commute. All you need to access millions of singletons waiting to be matched with you is a mobile phone and Internet connection. But, the benefits of online dating do not stop here.

Large audiences

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Did you know that more than 50 million people in the USA use online dating applications to meet their potential lovers? This figure is pretty impressive. With such a high number of active users, finding the right person to date becomes as simple as never before. Americans of all ages prefer to take fate into their own hands these days and search for their lovers online. 

If you are dreaming about dating a foreigner, there are international dating websites that will connect you to millions of users around the world. Either way, with the Internet penetrating all corners of the Earth, dating audiences increases dramatically giving all lonely hearts a simple and effective way to become happy for the rest of their lives.

Meet outside regular network

Have you ever noticed that meeting new people is quite difficult, although there are more than eight billions of people on this planet? Yet, getting out of your regular social circle and finding someone you are not somehow connected with is a big challenge. Online dating websites resolve this issue and link you to people that you would not have met otherwise.

Moreover, it is more likely that you meet a person you are more compatible with due to the unique algorithms of dating apps. Each user undergoes a brief questionnaire which determines their tastes. It allows to connect potential lovers only if they suit each other. 

Recent scientific research confirms this statement. It turns out that couples that met each other online have a higher degree of compatibility then the ones who met offline. It comes as no surprise because offline dating gives you fewer options, hence in most cases, people have to date just because of their choice being limited.


The internet gives us a sense of anonymity; this is precisely why people tend to be more honest and open when texting on dating applications. Users of matchmaking services are more straightforward then pals we meet offline. Whenever we meet a new person in real life, it takes time to realise what their intentions are. Also, people tend to lie about what they actually want and hide negative aspects of their personality in life in order to get what they want or make a good impression. In internet dating, the picture is completely different. 

First of all, all users are required to state their intentions of using the platform. Secondly, when communicating with potential suitors, users are probably in a safe environment and their comfort zone, which sets a more genuine conversation. Relationships in which partners reveal their true self at early stages tend to be stronger, research says.

Ease of conversation

Another beautiful advantage that dating online offers is how easy it is to talk to strangers. Meeting someone new in real life is always a nervous experience. But sending a text when you are having a quiet night at home is a lot easier. You do not need to impress anyone and can text at your own pace. Start making calls and sending audio messages when you feel comfortable and confident enough. It is an excellent solution for shy and quiet people. 

Additionally, when communicating through a dating website, you shouldn’t be afraid to be perceived as desperate or clingy. That’s what everyone’s doing there. It is absolutely normal. There is no need to think about a funny pick up line as you only need to swipe a person that you like. Nice and simple! 

A comparison of services

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If you are new to the whole online dating thing, it is better to get acquainted with services that are out there. Start by reading reviews about dating apps; it should really help. There isn’t one single site that could suit all users. All of them differ in the level of service they provide, specifications of audiences and intentions. 

There are matchmaking apps that are designed for different age groups, so you will see sites for mature and youth dating. At the same time, there are services for people with serious intentions, and there is Tinder, which everyone knows what it is famous for. Most of the dating websites are free; however, they might charge payments for Premium services. Many users tend to have profiles in a couple of services at once.

Tips for online dating newbies

If you are unaware of online dating requirements and specifications, it is very important to be up in arms to achieve most of the offer. There is nothing wrong in trying to figure out how to become a successful interlocutor online on your own, but following simple tricks will help you achieve the desirable effect faster and more efficiently.

Profile pictures matter

Our appearances contribute to a big part of the first impression that we make when meeting someone in real life. However, what comes to social media and online dating, the looks become even more important. When you only have one chance of attracting a person and getting them to swipe you right, you really need to get it correct the first time. 

Therefore, set a good profile picture that describes you in the best possible manner. Avoid using blurry photos and posting pictures with a group of friends. It makes it difficult for your potential suitor to decide whether they like you enough to send you a text. Choose a nice, good-looking picture that represents your real character. If you are a dog lover, a photograph with a puppy would be a great way to approach this. Or if you play tennis regularly, setting a profile image with a tennis racket will do its job and attract your potential lover who’d be also into tennis.

Put the work in

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Treat your online dating routine as a 9 to 5. Remember that relationships are hard work. It is very unlikely that your future soulmate would fall in love with you after you send them a few texts. Keep the conversation going. Try to stay active and responsive throughout the day. It is always good to get to know the other person well enough so that by the time you are actually going on a physical date, you would have a lot to talk about.

Stay open-minded

Do not try to look for that perfect person. We create idealised images in our minds that do not exist in real life. So, it is better to be open to possibilities. If you are enjoying talking to someone, but they have blond hair, and you have  dreamed about a dark-haired girlfriend, do not be put off. Give it a chance. Who knows if this relationship could lead you to a lifelong happy marriage, which would never be possible with that blondie you fell in love in school? It’s all about staying open-minded and saying «yes» to the opportunities that life gives you every day.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, always remember that love finds those who listen to their hearts. The internet is giving us this amazing opportunity to meet new people, even outside of our culture and at any point on the map, and get to know them and learn new things. There are millions of online dating profiles that could turn out to be the solution to your loneliness, which you have been suffering from for a long time. 

Given the ease and convenience of such platforms, it seems to be foolish not to give it a shot. Become one of those friends who show off their beautiful spouses and fascinate everyone with how they met their beloved soulmate with the help of an online dating website.

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