Why are Dating Sites So Pop in USA

dating site in usa

If you believe that dating sites are just for desperate aloners seeking after their last chance love, you have to know that your idea of online dating is quite obsolete as today’s daters add this option at most in order to make their lives more entertaining, happier, and more diverse. This became possible thanks to the widespread occurrence of smartphones which have been shifting our social activities’ focus to virtuality.

Today’s USA dating sites differ essentially from the matchmakers of the past whose newspaper message style seems to have nothing to do with the modern apps and web resources offering comprehensive service in this domain. So, for American people, dating online is getting more and more mundane and it can be seen as a hallmark of life in the USA. 

An interesting fact, as far back as in the first decade of the 21st century, the Americans were rather skeptical about meeting people with the help of such devices, but nowadays a considerable number of them appreciate this opportunity. What caused such an upsurge in interest? The answer is complex.

What are the advantages of a common USA dating site?

There’s no need to study statistics to feel that USA dating sites are enjoying wide popularity with the customers as almost each of us has at least an acquaintance or a relative who has had an experience of their usage or uses them on a regular basis. If asked about what is so attractive in dating online, most users would indicate the following options:

New form of communication

dating sites in usa

A long-lasting relationship is not a thing to purchase at the nearest shop — it is an intricate process of getting closer; and how often people would rather deny their chance to make up a match on the grounds of a weird haircut, a bit lame phrase or such like. Some people prefer to fixate on bagatelle like this and drop the acquaintance instead of giving each other more chances. 

On the other hand, one is often burdened with reflections on how this prospective relationship would fit into the life pattern of an individual. What my parents, children, friends would say, how he or she would like my apartment, one often asks themselves. It can also be a lack of time related to a job schedule. Finally, one more substantive problem is that there can be not many people willing to date at all. 

And then one just gets their smartphone and visits one of those 1,500 dating sites and apps with millions of date-thirsty people in the US and all over the world. Just install, register and start communicating! What a nice opportunity to get to know each other without much bother about unimportant details!

Great diversity

A great advantage of dating sites of a new type in the USA is their incredible multiformity which allows you to select that very perfect medium according to your age, gender, preferences, education, profession and many other factors. If in the past dating agencies were more addressed to a general group of singles over thirty, today’s online platforms offer space for communication for various separate groups of people united on a specific feature or interest, including 18-year-old daters as well as seniors over 60. 

Surprisingly, these extremities also have been experiencing an increase in the number of customers in recent years. General digitalization of the society has triggered such phenomena. Like shopping online, it is a convenient and easy of access way to meet nice people.

Be it an ideal soul mate or new fellow-thinkers that you are looking for, you have a great variety of dating sites at your disposal, namely dating sites for single parents, for the mature, for people with high education, for those seeking after serious relationships and marriage and those in quest of mere adventures, for international relationships seekers, for beard lovers and even for clowns. 

Such diversity makes dating sites a universal means of communication which can reverse your personal life and make it meaningful. You can’t remain uninterested and alone while such a feast of life is going on. It’s just not on. 

Answer to COVID-19

One more important option — not the severest lockdown can impede interacting via the Internet, so, at the age of pandemic, dating sites serve as a socializing tool, sometimes the only one available for those searching for personal contact.  

For that purpose, dating apps and sites offer video calls — a sort of real time dates when you can see your interlocutor, hear their voice and feel if there’s any chemistry between you and them — which surely would be a great thing to go through.

Which USA dating site is better, Free or Paid?

usa dating site

As everything existent has its advantages and disadvantages, such a miracle as dating sites has its own drawbacks, too. One of them can be the fact that nearly half of them is paid. That means that you have to pay on a monthly basis, a sum close to $40, for your use of the site.

But not everyone agrees that being paid makes a dating site bad; the same is true for free-of-charge sites. Many experts state that fee-paying resources are even better than their free analogs as they resolve another problem of dating sites — security issues — better. The idea is simple: if you pay for access to a site, your intentions are probably serious and it is doubtful that you could be a fraudster. 

Although, it’s quite logical that free dating sites are very attractive for any kind of swindlers seeking after an easy prey ready to break open their cash-box or tell their credit card info just to the first comer, which doesn’t mean that you can let such a naive behavior on a paid dating site.

It’s a question of the Internet safety in general, and whatever site you choose, you do not have to forget about common rules:

  • never give access to your personal information such as your address, mobile phone number and so on to strangers;
  • even if your interlocutor seems to be an individual who you can trust, they can actually be «a wrong guy», so you should consider the reason why such information could be asked at all. 
  • do not apply the same photo to various social network accounts of yours so that your identity cannot be easily tracked by malefactors;
  • keep on messaging on a dating site and do not agree to switch to another external messenger or to your mobile phone even after a number of dates — wait a bit more, at least until you are certainly getting somewhere.

These elementary measures will protect you from any kind of embarrassment no matter which dating service you have chosen — free or paid. Generally, most users prefer this or that website or application for dating not because of its price or being free of charge, but because of the resource itself. Both free and paid dating sites have gained a huge popularity in the USA.

So, which dating site is your best?

free usa dating site

How to find your best dating site? It depends on many factors. First of all, it can be the best dating site for single parents, the best dating site for seniors, the best dating site for marriage-seekers and so on. On the other hand, any site can be evaluated according to a number of happy matches made up with their help as well as according to customers’ rating.

For example, the USA best paid dating site list will surely include such titans on the market as Match and eHarmony. The former is much respected by the users for its all-round assistance, while the latter is regarded by many as the most successful matchmaker ever. In case you prefer international dates, you would rather choose Zoosk and if you want something light, your best one will probably be AdultFriendFinder. 

While looking for the best free dating site in the USA, you’ll definitely come across Tinder and OKCupid, both considered almost ideal for casual dating, but they simply wouldn’t be so popular if their option were only hookups. OKCupid is also famous with its longest questionnaire ever — it includes more than a thousand questions, so if you answer all of them, you will certainly find the very people matching you ready to contact. 

In conclusion, it should be added that there can be various other best dating sites according to their style and people gathering on it. In any case, your own number one should meet the following claims:

  • it should be in line with your interests, be it a wish to build a family, to find friends among people of the same profession, religion, education with you or such like;
  • the atmosphere itself and people should make you feel comfortable and enjoying the time

These two general ideas will form the basis of your successful online dating and you will never regret using them.

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