Dating multiple people: the new norm

dating multiple people

Online dating solutions enabled their users to choose potential suitors from a large pool of candidates. However, given such a diverse choice, a lot of online daters these days do not want to settle down with one option. They want to explore the choice on the dating market and date many people at once. That is how dating multiple people at once has become the new norm in the recent years. Of course, online matchmaking was one of the greatest influencers on the minds of singletons.

When signing up with a dating app, singletons get instant access to millions of attractive individuals who are looking for new friends, partners or casual relationships. Users swipe through personal profiles of potential candidates hoping to finally find that special person. However, there are so many awesome people out there, which makes it almost impossible to choose one. Nowadays, when a casual relationship is what everyone is looking for and when exclusivity becomes a fading away trend, dating multiple people is the ultimate solution.

Benefits of dating multiple people at once

tips for dating multiple people

The communities around the world are becoming less conservative and willingly accept the concept of dating multiple people. Everyone is dating multiple people at once and it finally becomes socially acceptable. Let’s be honest with ourselves and acknowledge the fact that we are human beings and are not that different from other mammals, which are polygamous.

We have asked online daters to outline the perceived benefits of dating multiple people at once and gathered the most common responses from them below. Hopefully, by reading the benefits, you would be able to make up your mind whether this approach to building relationships would work for you.

Explore your dating options

One of the greatest benefits you can receive from seeing more than one person at once is that you can see what’s on the market. By going out on dates with different people, you are able to compare them and find out which relationship you prefer more. It also will allow you to quickly find that one special person who suits you perfectly. When you are dating multiple people at once, these relationships tend to be shorter, so you get a chance of spotting a partner that would be right for you a lot quicker. 

In contrast, when you are dating people exclusively, it is timelier. Over some time, you might realize that you two are not destined to be with each other and the search for a new partner will take some time. But when you have other options, you can easily switch to a different match. The only important thing to keep in mind here is that you need to be honest with all of your dates and make it clear that you are not exclusive. This way, you are going to prevent yourself from any undesirable drama and make sure that you don’t hurt the feelings of others.

Learn more about your own needs

Each relationship you have is different and unique. People tend to have different personalities and behaviours; therefore, the dynamics of dating would always be different. When you are seeing just one person, you get used to them and stop noticing aspects that used to put you off initially. The picture is rather different when you are dating multiple people at one time. 

You get to see which behaviours and personality traits go well with you. You start noticing your own preferences and expectations. Eventually you can learn more about yourself in a very unexpected way. Therefore, dating multiple people at once can help you better prepare for the moment when you meet the right person to build a family with.

Find real connection

As it has already been outlined above, being in a relationship with only one person prevents you from finding a soulmate. Of course, there are lucky people out there who managed to meet their soulmate early in life. However, the majority of couples are dating each other for various reasons, including convenience, money, loneliness. Simply because they are together, does not mean that the quality of their relationship is that great. But seeing many people at once can approach you to finding someone truly compatible with you. Why would you stick to an unhappy relationship, when you can have fun with other potentially suitable candidates at the same time?

What are the possible drawbacks

dating multiple people at the same time

Whilst dating multiple people at the same time is a fun and exciting dating game that could potentially bring a lot of benefits into your social life, there are drawbacks that need to be considered before diving into it. Below we gathered possible drawbacks that polygamous daters often list.

It becomes a second job

If one relationship takes a lot of time and is hard work, imagine having multiple relationships at the same time?  Constantly maintaining contact, staying in touch, going on dates and making regular phone calls to each other consumes a lot of time. If you put too much on your plate and date too many people simultaneously, it can cause a burn out. 

As a result, not only are you going to start losing control of your personal life, but you could actually give up dating at all. Therefore, if you want to date multiple people at once, make sure you are not seeing too many. You risk investing too much of your precious time and effort into finding the right people, but might actually end up disappointed.

It can stop you from spotting «the one»

We have mentioned above that seeing a few people at once increases the chances of identifying and meeting your special person. However, it has two sides of the story. Whilst seeing a bunch of people is going to increase your chances statistically and will help you learn more about your personal preferences and relationship needs, it can also prevent you from building a sincere connection. When you are not hundred percent dedicated to one person, it makes it harder for you to understand your feelings and express them. 

You risk becoming a player and actually missing the opportunity of acting when the compatible suitor comes along. When you become so focused on keeping the number of dates high, you are giving up the quality aspect. Overall, it does not necessarily mean that if you start dating multiple people at once, you are going to turn heartless. You simply need to be aware of this possibility and listen to your heart more.

Tips from dating experts

dating multiple people at once

If reading this article has strengthened your desire to date multiple people, you need to familiarize yourself with tips for dating multiple people. The first and the main piece of advice suggests that daters need to focus on getting to know others instead of just hooking up with them. The whole idea of having multiple dates is that a person can meet new people, find out what they are like and then eventually choose one to build a meaningful relationship with. 

Another tip that is going to save your nerves when seeing many people is that you shouldn’t discuss your dates with them. It is better to keep things separate. Not only will this approach help you stay out of trouble, but at the same time it will show respect for people you are spending time with. All people love to gossip a little, but in polygamous relationships it is better to spill tea with your friends and not with potential suitors who might have developed feelings for you.

Dating multiple people: Takeaways

Hopefully, the advice from dating gurus will help you to build an understanding whether dating multiple people at once is an adventure you want to engage yourself in. We are all just trying to find a perfect girlfriend, husband, partner to build a happy life together. So it is entirely up to you to decide which approach you want to undertake. Go ahead with multiple dating if it feels like a great solution for you. You can switch to dating just one person at a time whenever you feel like you need it. 

Dating apps and websites make it easy to find people to date simultaneously. Select a few potential suitors that you find attractive and start by going on dates with them. It is better to be dating multiple people from dating sites because the chances that they know each other are relatively small. This way, you can explore your options, see people from different backgrounds and even nationalities and determine who suits you better. Either way it is better than seeing people from the same friendship group! So, don’t waste your time – register on a dating app and start looking for a perfect partner, or maybe a couple of perfect partners!

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