Online Dating Addiction: Understand & Solve The Problem

online dating addiction

With the advent of the internet, many things have become easier.  For example, you don’t need to go to the store as you can order everything you need from online shops. Actually, one such article won’t be enough to count what the internet has offered to humanity in terms of convenience, practicality, efficiency, and speed. Thus, more and more, people find themselves in the world of the internet where they can access everything they need. The relationship sphere has reshaped itself in a different manner as well, and online dating sites have become one of the most efficient ways of dating these days. 

However, is everything so great? Greatness comes with great responsibility, and this is about the use of the internet. The omnipotent internet has become a vicious tool in the hands of bad people. In other words, the internet doesn’t come only with its positive sides. There are so many setbacks and cons of using the internet, as well as the issue of online dating addiction. It’s about when a person becomes too engaged in dating online. It’s hard to say that online dating addiction is not an official diagnosis, but no one can deny the existence of the problem. But how does such addiction start?

So many times do people find something to get rid of boredom, and sometimes they find themselves too engaged in a definite activity. This affects the mental and physical health of such individuals, and this is one of the simplest ways how addiction can develop. The bad thing about internet dating addiction is that it’s not related to singles only since there are so many married people who find dating online more engaging than real life. Of course, for men and women, the process can be different, yet the pattern of how signs develop might be quite similar.

About online dating addition

internet dating addiction

Not so long ago, the term of addiction was used exclusively in cases of people getting addicted to chemicals like drugs or marijuana. However, much has changed, and scientists have spotted that behavioral addiction resembles almost the same pattern as in the case of drug addiction.  Thus, you can come across many different types of addiction, and one of the most recent is internet dating addiction. How does the addiction start?

First of all, it’s about the pleasure principle. In other words, when dating online, people get more attention, and this causes people to get much pleasure from that. The levels of hormones responsible for triggering the effect of happiness and satisfaction rise. However, at some point, people will want more and more. This will signal the second stage, known  as the learning process. So, what was once considered to be pleasure becomes felt like an urgent need. Here is when the process becomes more negative.

In real life, you need to imagine a woman or male having a good site for dating. Spending lots of time with people who compliment, value, and understand you becomes more pleasant and engaging. After some time, these people start spending more time online to get their dose of good stuff making them much happier. However, many of them don’t realize that virtual life is much more different than real life, and a dating site employed once simply for escaping boredom becomes a reason to live for.

Sometimes, there’s another process to observe. Like in the cases of drug addiction, the standard doses become inadequate as the effect of being satisfied and happy won’t be satiating. Such tolerance will lead to more cravings for dating online. Simply speaking, a small dating app can change your life radically. In some cases, such an app is a chance to find your soulmate, while in other cases, it can be an imminent evil that can ruin your life. Thus, you should be careful enough when it comes to dating online.

Online dating addiction signs

The sad fact about online dating addiction is that the outcomes are ruining more than relationships. Such addiction may lead to divorce or breakup. Here are some signs that show that you may have a problem with internet dating addiction:

  • more and more: when dating online, people with addiction may want more and more people to date, chat, and communicate with. For them, the quality of dating and affairs doesn’t matter anymore. They become interested in increasing the number of people they can spend time with.
  • communication-oriented: what is the goal of online dating sites? First of all, it’s a chance to meet and get to know someone. Then, it’s about turning your internet dating into a real one. However, with online dating addiction, things become quite different. Here, the main focus is to spend more time online communicating with several people without thinking about coming back to real life.
  • from one to another: hopping from one to another is another unusual behavioral pattern observed in people addicted to online dating sites or apps. They become bored with people who don’t compliment and tell interesting stuff. Or they can ghost anyone they know better. Thus, the problem is not being able to focus on one person.
  • no strings at all: people suffering from internet dating addiction may have problems loving someone, and thus, they consider that online dating is the best option to stay away from devoted relationships, leading to more serious problems in the future. For them, dating online is the best way of keeping a relationship.
  • addiction to devices linking to your online platforms:  when it’s free, such people may want to see who has messaged, liked, or viewed their profiles. They are always haunted by the idea to be inside this dating app instead of returning to the reality that they might not be a fan of.
  • isolated in the end:  when things get worse and worse, such people start losing friends and close people. In the end, loneliness becomes their sole companion. Guess what? This makes them want to stay online even more.

In short, those having problems with online dating addiction tend to spend more time online seeking a chance to be liked and complimented. In some radical cases, you may even observe the following changes:

  • time spent online becomes too much, posing a danger to online dater;
  • evident problems communicating in real-life situations;
  • tendency to ignore their responsibilities;
  • tendency to miss lessons or job;
  • uncontrolled desire to be online.

Online dating addiction: what is needed for recovery

online dating addiction signs

Unlike other conditions related to addiction, the case of internet dating is easier to recover. Of course, it’s better to seek a more professional approach when dealing with this problem. Here are some critical steps in getting over dating site addiction:

  • try to understand yourself better and deeper: some factors may force you to seek relief in online dating, and thus, you better be aware of why you need online dating or whether you need that. Unfortunately, online dating becomes the only option for finding someone you can love, but be sure that you don’t stay there too long.
  • understand the difference between online and offline dating: the main difference is that the latter one may offer more in terms of senses. Showing your love and care becomes more visible with real dating. Nothing is tactile when dating online, and you can’t simply hug someone to feel that there’s someone by your side.
  • socialize more: instead of spending time at home and dating online, try to attend some events. It’s nice to gather in theaters, pubs, or cinemas. Why not call someone for dating or simply having a good time? You can find someone for casual dating too. What can make you smile and happy in real life will make you stay away from dating online.
  • have limits: when you notice that you are engaged in online dating, you need to set some limits. You can set daily or weekly limits on how long you can stay online. If you get your spent time under control, you may avoid becoming addicted to online dating, and thus avoiding many unwanted problems.
  • control your behavior: when you feel a sudden urge to be online, you need to distract your own attention and find something that you can be engaged in. Dealing with even petty things may prevent you from being online.
  • seek professional help: if you see that you are not capable of controlling behavior, you can seek the help of professionals. They can help you with changing your habit of being online and with managing your desire to use online dating apps or sites.


Online addiction becomes a new challenge in the world nowadays, and it needs the urgent attention of more specialists. People should be educated to be aware of the fact that online dating may affect them in a negative way. Despite its benefits, online dating may be detrimental to human well-being if used improperly. So, use internet resources wisely!

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