Breaking misconceptions about dating a single mom

dating a single mom

In modern days, all love relationships become redefined. Things that were considered unacceptable decades ago are now thought as entirely normal and common. This is the case with building a relationship with a single mother. Societies are moving towards a more accepting mode, and women are starting to be more valued and respected. 

As a result, being a single mom and dating is widely accepted all across the world. A lot of single men of different age ranges are looking to find a single mom to build a relationship with. One of the reasons is that they see how well she can take care of her child and project it onto themselves. A woman with kids definitely knows how to take care of her family, is independent and has her life together. She would make a fantastic life partner, mother to your future kids and a housewife. 

Benefits of dating a single mom

Dating a young single mom should not be a lot different from dating any other female because we fall in love with the person and not their title or anything else. Still, the birth of a child certainly does bring some changes into a woman’s life. As a result, young mothers might behave differently to ladies that did not have a chance to experience motherhood just yet. 

It does not mean that childbirth makes a woman better; it just adds a few traits to her personality. Either way, it is your decision whether these are the qualities that you find significant when searching for a potential partner. Below we have gathered a few benefits, which men in a relationship tend to point out in general. Familiarizing yourself with them will aid your decision-making process. 

Women with kids are good cooks

dating as a single mom

It is common for all adults to be capable of some sort of cooking. When you are moving out from your parents’ house, start living on your own and saving up from your salary, you are almost forced by the circumstances to learn some home cooking (at least a few times a week). However, when you have kids, cooking is something that you must do on a daily basis. 

When you are a single mother, there isn’t a partner who would split the chores with you and, therefore, you know that you are the one responsible for the meals in the house. It doesn’t mean that your potential single mom lover will be a five-star chef, but the fact that she’ll cook and the food will always be prepared with love for you is guaranteed. We all know that what is done with love is done well!

She is not here to play around

Unlike some young women, single mothers prefer security and stability over teenage chase games. A woman that has a toddler tends to look for a stable and long-term partner. In contrast, other female singletons might be interested in boosting their ego more than the actual family and relationships. Because she has already been in a relationship that did not work out for some reason, she’ll know what she wants from her future partner.

She has been through bad love and wants to make everything right in the next relationship she engages herself in. Therefore, dating a single mom is emotionally pleasing and secure. One important thing to keep in mind is that she’ll expect you to treat her seriously too. It is better to build a relationship with a single mother only when you are ready for a serious commitment as she will not waste her time on chasing anyone.

Parenthood makes you as mature as you never been before

Parenthood teaches you a great deal of things and makes you extend your limit. However, the most significant trait that you obtain when becoming a mother is maturity. Once your kid is born, you are no longer living to extract pleasure from your life and have to place another little human being at the top of your priorities. 

Children bring a lot of responsibilities into your life and, hence, actually make us become adults. Women are particularly sensitive to it as they feel the connection with their toddler even before it is born. Mothers that raise their kids alone will have a lot more maturity within them than other females of their age. She needs to take care of not only herself but also her child, which doubles the weight on her shoulders, especially when she does not have a partner to share some of these responsibilities with her. 

She can handle challenges and keep going

Choosing a single mom as a companion can help you build a stronger partnership. These ladies are not scared by any obstacles or problems that you might face on the life path. She probably has been through a lot of unpleasant situations in her life and has the courage to keep going. The love that she has for her child will always push her further and further. Having a single mother as a partner will make your couple invincible. 

The best tips for dating a single mom

tips for dating a single mom

Before building a relationship with a single mom, it is important to understand that dating her would be different from dating someone who does not have kids. This understanding is especially vital, if you do not have kids yourself. You will also need to accept the fact that she will not be able to dedicate hundred per cent of her time to you because she has an adorable little human who cannot live without her time and devotion. 

But that does not mean that she will never love you as much as she loves her child, it is simply different kinds of love. Once this realization settles in your mind, the quality of your relationship will improve endlessly. Below we gathered a few useful tips for dating a single mom, which should further help you understand her better and create a healthy, sustainable partnership together.

Be honourable and responsible with her

If your girlfriend is raising her child alone, it probably means that in her past relationship, she was with someone she should not have trusted. This is her psychologically vulnerable spot. In order to win her over, you need to be careful with your actions and fulfil your responsibilities. It does not mean taking on her commitments and taking complete care of her and her kid, but generally being someone she can trust. Make sure your actions match your words, offer support and be understanding of past traumas and challenges that she has been through. 

Do not try to compete with her child

One of the common mistakes that men might do when dating a single mom is trying to compete for her love with her kids. As it has been mentioned above, you need to accept the fact that her child will always be part of your relationship. She needs to devote a lot of her spare time to kids, so be patient. 

Therefore, if you cannot see your lover as much as you would love to, it does not mean that she is not into you. She is simply fulfilling her motherhood responsibility. Try spotting other ways she can express her love for you. Being understanding in this matter will only improve the quality of your relationship. 

Stay out of her relationship with ex husband

dating a single mom with a toddler

It is better to stay away from any drama she might have with the father of her child. It is already hard being a single mother and dating, do not pour extra oil to the flame by confronting or contacting her ex-husband. Avoid being jealous, because there is a reason she is dating you and there is a reason why the father of her child is no longer together with her. Therefore, show her trust and let her deal with him herself. 

Do not discipline her child

Giving out advice on other people’s children’s upbringing is perceived out of turn. Try not to teach her kids how to behave. She probably had everything in order before she began the relationship with you, and does not need you to challenge her authority in her household. 

However, the picture is completely different when she is specifically asking for your advice and help. In this case, it would be better for you to show your interest in the lives of her kids and their upbringing. If you notice that she is doing something you do not necessarily agree with, try discussing it with your girlfriend first.

Summing up, dating a single mom is a rewarding challenge, so if you have met such a woman never let her go!

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