When No Faith Is Needed To Love Someone

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People approach choosing their dating platforms variously. While some people simply opt for general dating sites, others may prefer something specific. Atheist dating is something specific as the concept of faith plays an important role in dating. For some people, it’s really important that their partners should have faith. However, for others, a lack of faith might be more appealing. On dating sites for atheists, you can find people who give importance to being understood and sharing a lot in common.

Is dating an atheist worth it? Or should someone choose someone with a strong belief? Definitely, it’s hard to give a simple answer, but it happens quite often when people of different backgrounds, especially in terms of faith, come together and create bonds, conflicts may arise. One of such problems is when a strong believer might want to create bonds with an atheist as no one knows whether such a relationship will go on smoothly.  Here are some interesting things to know about atheist dating.

Dating atheist: understanding the challenges and benefits

atheist dating sites

When people visit atheist dating sites, they can find many matches who share their views on religion and other relevant things. Of course, it’s great when two people sharing atheistic views meet and date, but the irony is that it’s not always true that atheists prefer dating someone without faith. If someone has strict religion and plans to be dating an atheist, here are some challenges to accept:

  • rows can happen: religions are based on some traditions and rules to follow, whereas atheists prefer not to stick to such rules. This way, misunderstandings may take place between partners.
  • reaction of the family: when someone with a strong faith in God plans to introduce his or her partner to the family, some awkward moments can take place. This may involve even more problems than simple quarrels.
  • religion challenges: besides families, it’s important not to forget the religion itself. Since almost every religion has its own set of rules not to be broken, much might be at stake when creating bonds with someone not favoring the religion’s rules.

Still, does it mean it’s better to avoid someone who doesn’t believe in God? Actually, despite some problems that may occur when dating an atheist, you may have several benefits of dating them as well:

  • no strictness in a relationship: even those believing in God may be bored and fed up with strict rules of the religions, and a chance to date someone who isn’t a traditionalist might be a better idea. Such a relationship may make someone feel free from smothering rules.
  • purely emotional bonds: there are many dating sites offering to create relationships based on religion rather than on some other factors. However, it’s not true about dating atheist people as they want someone to love and respect them, and religion might not be something they will take into consideration.
  • fewer rules of dating: when dating someone of the same religion, it may mean that you’ll have to date someone with some rules and principles. Yet, if you want to date someone without any rules, it means that you need to find an atheist you can trust.
  • casual dating: does religion allow casual dating? Hard to say or generalize, but chastity is one of the main components promoted by many religions. Thus, if you want simply to have casual dating, go and find an atheist for dating.

Atheist dating: clarifying some myths

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What do you know about atheists? Of course, one can conclude that atheists don’t follow any religions as they don’t believe in God, but in reality, there is even more to say about them. First, let’s demystify some wrong facts about them:

  • they don’t know anything about religion: among scholars, there are so many atheists, and it doesn’t mean that they don’t know anything about religions. Instead, there are so many atheists that specialize in studying religions.
  • they don’t have moral values: the biggest lie of the century is that moral values are promoted only by religions. Moral values are not the by-products of faith only since it’s more about how the person is brought up and educated.  Thus, to say that atheists are immoral people is totally wrong.
  • they don’t respect religions:  if they date someone religious, it doesn’t mean that they will humiliate their faith. Actually, such a stereotype is corrupted since many atheists are quite respectful and tolerant of others’ ideologies and faiths.
  • they don’t make reliable partners: for some people, dating atheists may not be a good experience as they are not reliable. Actually, when it comes to dating them, it can be said that there are no problems in terms of their commitment and devotion. Does love have any religion?

Paid and free atheist dating sites

If you plan to visit an atheist dating site, you need to know that you can find two options. You can access many free dating sites offering their services, and there you can find someone for casual and serious dating. However, there can be some setbacks when using free dating sites, as you may face the following problems:

  • safety issues: alas, not every free dating site may offer everything with top-notch quality, and the main problem might be the safety of the site;
  • profiles online: since free dating sites are free, it means almost anyone can register, and it means it can lead to two main problems. One is the abundance of fake profiles. The other problem can be incomplete profiles of those who have changed their mind.
  • range of services: in terms of the services that you plan to use, you can have restricted access as free dating sites may fail to offer an impressive range of choices. Thus, you might find some services are not enough for dating.
  • online support: another great problem of dating online is the lack of a professional approach to support online. The problem can be the absence of means of how you can reach the support team online.

However, it doesn’t mean that all free dating sites for atheist members are bad. You can definitely find some proper dating sites if you dedicate some time to doing research online before making any decision. Thus, the best way of choosing any dating site is by means of reading a review where you can findmore information about any particular dating site.


Any atheist dating service you plan to benefit from should be reliable and worth your attention and time. With such service, you can find someone who shares almost the same values as having no faith in God but faith in people. Good luck!

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